Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Calendar and 30%off thru 11-26

Greetings Everyone and for those of you in the US who celebrate the holiday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, there were enough requests made, so, as promised, I have created a second Faerie Houses calendar that has a simpler border treatment for those who prefer this design style. Here is the new calendar cover: 

   All the images except one are the same as the previously released fancier Faerie Houses calendar but the framing/graphics of the pages on this version are done in a simpler, cleaner style. For those of you who requested it, thank you for your feedback and I'm happy to offer you something you really want!

You can find the calendar by clicking HERE: and for the next 2 days, Lulu is offering a tremendous deal of 30% off, which is just an amazing discount. To get their discount, just use coupon code TURKEY30. The deal is good until the end of the day on 11-26, so make your list and order as many as you'll want to give away because these will arrive in time for gift-giving.

 I just wanted to get this out now since I just heard about the big sale discount that Lulu is offering. You can see all the individual pages by looking at the top of this page and clicking on 2016 FH BL Calendar (BL = borderless)

Here is the link for direct shopping:

******* Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll be making a big announcement and in 2 days I'll be announcing a new line of greeting cards, just in time for the winter holidays!

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