Monday, February 8, 2016

Hemp House construction - phase 1

Greetings Everyone!

   The Hemp Faerie house is going really well and taking shape fast. I've got the bit between my teeth and a lot has happened since the previous step but I'm going to have to slow down a bit to share with you the progress as promised!

  After deciding upon a general design concept for this house I realized that there were too many unknowns, too many variables to just start building as I usually do when I'm making one of my creations. The individual elements needed to fit well against the base wood and because there were going to be SIX window and one door bump-out and I needed to know EXACTLY what I was going to do... so I needed to build a model first. I like to use paper for my models because it is easy to cut, tape, trim to get the shapes I desire. Then once the model is complete I cut it apart and have a pattern.

  After MANY long hours of creating all the little window dormers and the door/entrance alcove, I needed to figure out where they all should go on the base. After several more hours, I had something that I felt good about.  You can see the results here:

and here:

This planning stage takes a very long time but it is so vital to getting things clarified and balanced in terms of where everything will go and how it will look when completed. Each part is going to be so labor intensive that I won't want to risk making something off-sized which would ruin the balance of the piece as a whole.

Now that I've got a good idea of where I'm going, I carefully removed each element, one by one. But before doing so, I made reference points on the wood base so I'd be able to get it all re-positioned correctly once I began the actual construction. Each element was numbered and then carefully cut apart to get the pattern pieces I would need to make each section. Careful labeling is crucial in this step so things don't get mixed up... there are over 40 individual pieces to this structure!

Next I'll show you how the individual elements get put together. But before I could get to building, I had to do more experimenting with the materials to see what was possible. That will be the next post! Stay tuned!

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