Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Emerging from the cave

If you ever wonder how you really feel about something, then a good test is to write a book about it, and if after you’re finished you still love what you wrote about, then, it must be love! I’ve just emerged from that process myself and I can honestly say that nothing has been more challenging for me to do and complete. And what amazes me is that I can’t wait to get out in the forest and make some more Faerie houses…so, it must be that I really love what I do!

The book project began a year ago with an inquiry from a publisher. I didn’t really want to do a book. I already had one that was on my work-table (my Enviromaginations book that was funded thru Kickstarter) and I knew if I took up another book before that one was finished, it would delay the first one even more….which I did not even want to contemplate. But… who knew if this opportunity would come again…so I reluctantly said “Yes”.

The book’s style and content needed a few revisions and try as I might to rein it in and make it go one way, it ended up going another. I hitched my project to a greater guidance system and devoted myself 110%. It has been almost 8 straight months of heavy, focused pressure to get it done. Now that it is finished I can finally say what form the book has taken. I know this will be a shock to some of you, but it is all about how to build Faerie Houses!  :-)

More specifically, it is an advanced course in the secret art of Faerie house building that is directed towards adults (or very crafty younger people).  I have many step-by-step guides showing how to actually build the bits and pieces, plus there are complete, step-by-step instructions for how to complete two full houses. Along the way there are loads of inspirational images of completed projects and lot of little helpful tips and tricks. There is nothing quite like this on the market. In the pages you will learn in detail, how to DO this work, which is what I really wanted to share. It is my hope that for the folks who have often wondered if they could make their own little creations, either for their own gardens or children, this will give them all the information they need to do it with confidence.

There are loads of good making faerie houses books out there that are for kids or for people working with kids. There are fabulous inspirational books that show marvelous work done by other builders. There are even specialized books focusing on just Faerie furniture or clothing…. But as far as I know, this book will be the first one geared towards showing adults how to craft with found/natural materials and make their own creations, without resorting to measuring, using kits or power tools. All hand-built… using your hands!

So that is what I’ve been up to for the past half-year+ and why there have been so very few posts here in this blog…ALL my typing/communicating energy was being channeled in one direction: towards getting this book created and now that it is done, and I’ve re-charged my batteries a bit, I hope to come back to posting more frequently and sharing with you inspirational stories, new creative work and observations from this lovely part of the world.

Thank you everyone who has been writing kind words of support and waiting patiently. You’re the BEST!

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nelda said...

Oh this is wonderful news. I've been collecting natural materials and am ready to start building little houses with your guidance. Keep us posted on the release date!! Can't wait!!

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