Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Greetings Everyone,

   I had planned that my next blog entry was going to be about the new feline that has taken over the job of "supervisior-in-chief" here. He's been an unexpected arrival and a welcomed addition to my little homestead, but that story must be set aside (for the moment) because some fresh news has just crossed my desk:

My book has just made an important New York Times book reading list!!! I was utterly humbled and surprised to get the notice from my publisher that this had happened but the article is online now and will be coming out in this Sunday Times print edition. I'm blushing more than a little to think that my labor of love is being noticed by none other than Dominique Browning. Thank you so very much Ms. Browning and New York Times!

And to celebrate I think I'll just pause for a moment and share a recent landscape image from my 'backyard'. This sublime sunset happened earlier this month as I was driving home for a day with my Mom. The location is the southern end of Lake Champlain looking northwards, up the lake and is a very special location historically and also to my family personally. I will hopefully share that story another time...for now, I'd like to just bask in the beauty of this world and the gratitude I feel that my book (and my work) is making a contribution, however small, to enriching people's lives in a positive way.


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