Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy International Women's Day and a catch up

Greetings Everyone!

In honor of International Women's Day I share with you two images from my work as a watercolor painter: Brigid and Ceremony of the New Day.

You may be wondering if this is the right blog, where are the Faerie Houses? Where is the Environmental art you may be saying...well as I've often mentioned in my bio (when I've had to write one) before my life as an Environmental Sculptor, I had a flourishing career as a watercolor painter. These two images are from that time.

What is very exciting for me is that finally, at long last, it is almost time to present both aspects of my creative life online under one banner, on one website! The reason you've not heard a peep from me for the past 2 months is because I've had my head down working very hard on my new website. It is going to be gorgeous. A whole new website where I finally bring my two "halves" together under one tent, so to speak. I'll have more details to share as the launch date gets closer but as of last night I have finished processing all the images for all the galleries...there are over a dozen galleries with tons of images in each one and at long last my watercolor and digital painting works will be included along with my environmental art. It's going to be a lot of fun for my visitors!

So to celebrate this very special day, International Women's Day it felt fitting to share these two images with you. Brigid is of course the Celtic Goddess of the hearth, the Forge, spring, agriculture and new beginnings. In my image she wears a crown of Snowdrops and carries Brigid crosses made from grain stems. The edge of her cloak has flames and Snowdrops and in the background we see objects associated with her areas of expertise. She's a complicated archetype (aren't we all?) as she is also often associated with Sacred wells and pools so the spiral paths are representing those elements as well.

In Ceremony of the New Day, we see an Indigenous Woman who could have roamed the North American landscape at one time. She is of no particular Nation, but represents Indigenous women of all Nations. She holds a Sacred Pipe and Abalone shell filled with smoldering White Sage, along with tobacco the traditional offerings made in Sacred Ceremonies. The Four directions are represented by the four animals: Eagle (East), Buffalo (South), Bear (West) and Wolf (North)....can you find them all? Her braids are wrapped in Otter fur, one of the many Sacred totem animals particularly related to women, for they are enduring, family-oriented and playful.

So this day is a day to celebrate all women everywhere for their courage, creativity, endurance, bravery and power. The soft power of women is rising up now. The inclusive power of the circle and the spiral. My gratitude goes out to all the women and men who read these posts. Let your creative spirits soar and get ready for a busy and bright spring! 

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