Friday, February 15, 2008

Fire and Ice part2

This was a big experiment. I have not used artificial lighting in my sculptures before, but the idea of a candle at dusk in an ice sculpture has been haunting me for some time. There is something so magical about the the light of the flame being scattered by the icicles. I had hoped that the sculpture would float on it's own, but I had to park it on a rock instead... the water was cold and deep and I had to stand there a long time waiting for the dusk to arrive. There was a bit of wind so I was unable to capture a good reflection, but still, the experiment was a success. The amazing turquoise streaks at the bottom of the piece were actually there, I did not add them in...they were quite astonishing to see ... and seemed to grow in intensity as the night fell. This is one of my personal favourite sculptures so far. More illuminated pieces are planned.

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