Monday, February 18, 2008

Eartherial: Icicle Sunburst

I continue to be mesmerized by ice and light. We had a warming up and some magnificent icicles are forming on all the houses in the valley. I want to work with them all ! This tower was created at night to take advantage of the perfect ice-working temperatures and still air. I had no preconceived idea whatsoever before I began. The feeling I wanted to convey was of movement rising up from stillness...a reflection of the restlessness may of us begin to feel this time of year as the days lengthen and we long to see signs of spring. Here in the Adirondacks spring comes slowly at first... March is frequently our snowiest month... but the quality of light can be incredibly magical. I had hoped we would have a clear-sky sunset, but for 3 nights it looked like this... a cloud bank over the High Peaks kept the rosy pink light and deep turquoise shadows from developing. The snow and ice reflect whatever colour is present, and with so much grey in the clouded skies, the foreground snow and ice itself have more grey than I was hoping to see. Now we are having a huge warm-up and this piece will be gone later today. I am grateful for this display and hope to make a few more icicle sculptures yet this season. I want to capture the pink light and turquoise sky in the ice... this one came close, but I hope to do better.

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