Saturday, February 23, 2008


This has been a very busy week. 3 major sculptures and one lunar eclipse ! I wanted to create a piece of work for the lunar eclipse. The idea of catching and holding the moon interested me... a net made of icicles might give the feeling. This net is very large, the icicles on the ends are over 40 inches tall...from side to side the span is nearly 6 ft. It took over 5 hours to create the illusion of a flexible is more like a lattice. The wind threatened to blow the structure down as I was making it... but eventually it was all there. I was laying in the last few pieces just as the moon was coming up.
The plan to photograph the eclipse did not work out so well, it was too cold for my camera to manage the long time exposures necessary in the greatly diminished light of the eclipse. Plus the clouds rolled in shortly after totality those photos will not appear here. But the next night we were blessed with a full enough moon and a layer of high thin clouds that added an element of magic and mystery. Part of the net had eroded away in the dry air, but the shot was still beautiful. This image does not do the piece justice...the moonlight sparkles caught
like glittering stars in the icicle net were out of this world !

Here is the completed sculpture in the daylight.

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