Friday, March 14, 2008

High Contrast

The bright days of March bring a sense of anticipation ... winter will soon be ending ... I have been scrambling to take advantage of the last few cold nights and have made several creations this past week which is why there have not been as many postings ... apologies to my fans.
The wind blew fiercely out of the north creating some marvelous drifts out in the hedgerows. Seemed like the perfect place for a little ice-mushroom type house to spring up out of the snowbank !
The curved ice 'roof' was collected off a boulder near the lake. I saved it in my freezer for several weeks. It got quite thin while it was in there, gorgeously textured and semi-transparent even though it doesn't appear quite so from this angle.
The intense blue sky lasted most of the morning but shortly after taking this shot another thin veil of clouds began to sweep in... and another gorgeous halo appeared ! I was able to get some shots of this house with a halo too....but wanted to show the blue sky image first. This structure reminded me of a tropical tree house in some ways. Halo photo tomorrow !

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