Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sometimes it is the simplest touch that makes such magic. I put this little structure together to celebrate the perfect beauty of the Wild Trillium and the civilized Dicentra both of which grow in my garden. Willow twigs helped give the structure some shape that would hold together long enough to get the photo. It was an otherwise dreary day... flowers seem to photograph best in bright overcast, and I was shooting lots of pics but not so pleased with the results...they lacked that special spark...then the sun managed to peek thru and sent a shaft of sunlight straight to the heart of the Trillium lighting up all the other hearts along the way... mine included !

On another note, I am very pleased to announce that Adirondack Life Magazine has just released its May/June issue and they have published a 6 page spread on my work. It was very nicely written by staff writer Mary Thill. Here is the address of their website: (sorry it is not a link, you'll have to copy and paste) If you are unable to get this issue locally, they do have an option to purchase single issues...just visit the website to find out how. They did a really great job.

I am also pleased to announce that Pomegranate Publishing will be producing 4 of my images in their boxed notecard offerings... will let you all know when they become available. There will be 20 cards to the box, 4 different images... are luscious green and woodsy images...and they do a fabulous job of printing so I'm sure it will be a first rate product.


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. Your art is always interesting and new! Makes me want to make some of my own. Beautiful. I can't wait to see more of your spring to come.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Zoie so very much ! Yes, do go out and play with the woods and moss...this is such a relaxing and fun thing to do...even as an adult we can be surprised by the creativity that can simply bubble up from deep inside as we allow ourselves to try something new. Go for it !!


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