Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hall of the Mushroom King

As I imagined, the forest was abundant with mushrooms ! So many different colours and shapes ... and so fragile...but I found a mossy stump that already had a perfect Fairy ring of yellow mushrooms dancing all around it that I could not resist creating this magestic Hall for the Mushroom King !

A word of warning: NEVER pick mushrooms with your bare hands unless you know exactly what you are picking !

I always wear surgical gloves when I work with mushrooms because I know some of them are deadly poisonous. If you have small children, it might be best to not show them this image as sometimes kids want to duplicate what they see in images and this one would give them an incomplete message. But, as adults, as long as the feasting that we do is only with our eyes, we can enjoy the beauty and magic of the mushroom world anytime !

I've been very busy this past week...loads of new sculptures to share soon... but I also have been preparing a selections of images for the Art Show at Shelburne Farms next month. It is a huge honour to have my work selected and I am so thrilled to have such an exceptional place to exhibit some of my "Eartherial" pieces. More contact information will be posted here soon for those who may be able to attend the show, it is a great venue. Show dates are Sept. 26 to Oct 19th. in Shelburne, VT. I will put more information up soon...but for now, I have to go back out and work ! We finally have some sun !

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