Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Full moon

This little house has the first leaves of fall for a roof...yes, it may still only be mid August, but we are seeing lots of leaves turning early this year. It could be the lack of sun last month, or all the wet and cool rains that we had, but in any event we feel as if summer has passed us by this year.

What does not show up in this photo very well are the two Faerie "boats" tied up to this watery house... milkweed pods make excellent Faerie boats - and beds, and roof ornaments get the idea.

The reflected grasses "grabbing" the moon was just a lucky shot. The winds were waving the grasses around and I had no idea they had caught the moon so beautifully till I came home and reviewed the images. We are so lucky to live in a place that has such good moon-rise viewing options !

This week I'm off to the mountains to work in the woods...and feed the mosquitoes. We are promised some sun and I can't wait to get out and work with whatever the rainy weather has left for us in the forest....there may be mushrooms ! Stay tuned !

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