Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cedar Basket house

This one is a celebration of whimsy and fun. A lovely deep mossy spot was created naturally by the roots of the cedar trees. It looked so inviting... all the Faeries needed was a gazebo type structure to make it really special.

I collected cedar twigs that had been broken and peeled by the spring time floods. They were wedged in between the boulders all up and down the stream. The pine cones were from a nearby tree. Weaving the gazebo took two days to complete. The cedar is very springy when wet, but some of the twigs were dried out and needed more soaking overnight. There were only a few minutes of direct sunlight thru a hole in the forest canopy to shoot the photographs... unfortunately I had to leave the piece and come back several days later to get the shots. I was worried that it could have been tampered with as it was in a semi-public area and the woods were full of Labour Day campers.

When I did return, there was an extra bonus....mushrooms !!! I'm sure the Faeries added them to show their delight. They had sprung up literally overnight and they added an extra touch of magic !

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