Monday, September 8, 2008

Forest Moss House

This was one of my first forest constructions. It took several days to make and many hundreds of fat mosquitoes were happy that I did ! This was in a part of the forest that had been logged about 20 years ago so there were lots of fallen trees and mossy bits to work with to create this fun faerie palace. A moss covered hemlock stump formed the base. Willows for windows and doorways. Pine bark steps and of course, lots of fun landscaping. I was not completely happy with the fungus over the looked good on site, but in the photos the white line seemed to harsh, so I went back the next day and make a different door "awning" with some leaves from a nearby Beech tree...much nicer !

See?? I like this look much better. I also found some Chantarelle mushrooms which added some nice golden orange colour (up on the roof). They were not left on the house... I took them home and ate them...YUM !

I am hoping to get out into the woods to make a few more of these mossy creations, but the conditions are not quite right yet... not enough lush green moss at the moment as we are in the dry cycle of our season... but hopefully soon.

This is one of the houses that will be featured in the boxed notecard collection that will soon be available from Pomegranate. They just announced the cards today so I'm very excited ! I'll try to put a link here when I get the chance.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love it, the leaves definitely look better over the door. I had to have a tree in my garden cut down, I wanted the stump left so I could buuld a faerie house on it, unfortunately it had to go as it was rotten ��

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