Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Calendars for 2009 !!!

FINALLY !!!! The new calendars for 2009 are here at last ! There is a brand new one with luscious Faerie Houses from this year and last, plus the previously available calendars have all been updated for the 2009 year.
Just click on the lulu link at the upper right side of the blog page and it will take you directly to my storefront in lulu. Here you can order any and all of the calendars (plus the original book is still there too). You get a slight discount if you order 5 or more to be shipped to a single address (and I believe you can mix and match as long as they are all calendars to qualify for the discount). You can also place multiple orders and they can be shipped to anyone you like. Lulu has printers all over the world so it is possible to order these for overseas shipments.

A word about the cost. I'll be really honest with you... I don't make a lot per calendar. The printing costs have gone up this past year so lulu passes that on to me. I also lowered the price last year and people seemed to prefer the lower price, so I'm keeping it there... I'd rather sell more calendars and make less on each one....but keep in mind, these are being printed just for you, so it is not like the cheaper calendars out there that print a gazillion just to get a cheaper price and then have to throw out half the gazillion because people did not want lulu, they print only what you want so there is zero waste. Better for all of us that way !
So, please go to the lulu website and check out the latest calendars. Once you have selected the one you want to look at, give it a while to load... lulu loads the whole set of all the preview images from the calendar when you browse to see the item. Once it has loaded, you'll be able to see each page by clicking on the advance arrow at the top of the preview window..... enjoy !!!!

I am currently working hard to get the next book finished... I've had to re-do some of the pages for technical reasons so the project was pushed back a couple of days... but you will all be the first to know when it is completed. Thanks for your support !

If you want to go directly to the new calendar, here is the URL:

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