Sunday, November 30, 2008

Planetary Portal

If it is a clear night where you live, go outside around sunset on Sunday or Monday evening and there will be a lovely treat for you. The planets Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon are having a party and you are invited !

I had known about this event and was hoping we might be able to see it, but alas, we've had overcast conditions for nearly 2 weeks now. Suddenly, this afternoon, it cleared and I knew I had to try and make something to frame the event. I knew that the moon would not yet be close enough to the 2 planets, but I wanted to try anyway because we are forecast for more clouds for the next 2 days... so if I wanted to build something for this event, this was my chance !

I collected some wild grapevines for the outside edge. Then I found some wonderful Goldenrod stems that have these peculiar round burls on them... I think they are made by insects. My plan was to make something that echoed the idea of planets in motion but have it be a frame for the real event.
The Planetary portal was hung in a Pear tree and I began to take the photos. Sadly, I only managed a few images before my camera's battery died (and I did not have the spare charged up ! grrrr ) But this one is the best of what I did manage to shoot and it will do nicely. Venus is the lower bright light and Jupiter is the upper one. The other stars that were out did not show up on the image, but my eye could see them.

Tomorrow the moon will be closer to the pair, and by Monday night they will be all together in one tight grouping. If you have clear skies, do try to get out and see the is really uplifting to see such a magical sight !

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