Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heavenly Bodies

At sunset the western sky was filled with clouds and I was standing under the apple tree having set up the same sculpture from the night before. It was windy too.

The sky was grey and dull and apparently the sun went down because it started to get darker... but no sign of the moon. But I remained hopeful. I kept feeling like a shift was happening and all I needed to do was remain open and be ready.

The sculpture was in place. The camera battery was fully charged. I was warmly dressed... and wanting very much to see the moon... and slowly, slowly the clouds thinned and within a few minutes this breathtaking moment was revealed.

I hope you had a chance to see this too.

Due to many requests, I will be making this image available shortly as a digital giclee print. I will announce here when I have it set up so you can order online. The publisher I use makes beautiful, velvety prints... the quality matches the image. Stay tuned. :-) And thank you to everyone for all your kind comments!


Anonymous said...

I I would save this to a favorite. That is an amazing shot! How neat is that?! May I put this picture on my blog? Credit will be given where it deserves, I assure you.

Bridget Beth said...

Wow! What an amazing picture! I am loving your site. You're so imaginative and creative!

lucy said...

Woooooooow. We missed it in Seattle. Thanks for sharing your picture.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Hi Zoie and others,

Yes, you may show this image as long as you credit me properly and provide a link. Thanks for asking !


Anonymous said...

Too hazy in Ithaca NY to see this conjunction for long. I saw your photo on spaceweather.com so googled over to your site-- the maple spirals pieces-- what beautiful art from nature, thank you for sharing it online. Amanda

Mike said...


Normally I don't post comments on blogs, but I was so taken with your artful shot appearing on spaceweather.com I had to comment. When I saw the rest of your work I was blown away.

You are truly gifted. Thanks so much.


Wildandcrazy0525 said...

Awesome shot, awesome

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Amand, Mike and Wildandcrazy :-)

This was a magical moment and I'm so glad you liked the image ! Makes all the endless hours and failed experiments that no one ever sees, worth it !

Please come back again for a visit!


Heather Marie Philipp said...

I am so excited to see this image! I've been following the conjunction and wanted so much to find the right image. You captured this so beautifully. I posted your image in my blog with a link to yours and credit. I want the world to see your work!



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