Sunday, January 4, 2009

First sculpture of the New Year !

This image is actually an experiment.
I had an idea about creating an over-sized snowflake sort of sculpture...but I wanted to make just half of the sculpture and let the other half be created by a reflection. The lake has been very windy lately so it was not going to work as a location. The rivers are all frozen and most of the ponds have snow on them... where to go to get that elusive reflection?
I found a spot today out in my west field and decided to give it a try. The work progressed fairly well but sadly, the day began to really deteriorate the last hour before sunset so all the lovely sunset glow that I had hoped to capture in the ice looked like it was not going to happen... so I went up to the house and made a cup of tea to wait for dark.
All of a sudden, the western sky went ablaze with brilliant red light. I grabbed the camera and RAN... forgetting my tripod !! ACK !!!!
By the time I made it down to the sculpture and set up the camera on some quickly arranged snow chunks, the light had really faded... sadly, all the shots were blurry except one, which has too little light to make it very useful but it hints at what is possible if I get lucky with the light next time:

After the reds fully faded and the twilight began to really progress (at 15 F brrrr ) , I lit the small candle I had originally intended for the sculpture and used one of the snow chunks as a blocking shade to hide the actual candle... to get a better exposure.

I still did not have a tripod, so the image quality is not so great...but as an experiment, it is a good start. I see now, design-wise how I can improve certain elements and next time I'll remember to grab that tripod ! I hope to try this again with better icicles and better sunset light... and it gave me a few more winter house ideas too ! Watch this space ! :-)

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