Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waterfall Gazebo

I was cleaning up my archives from my work that was finished this past year and found a few more houses that did not make it to the blog page because this fall had just so many creative experiments !

This little house sits atop a large heart-shaped boulder. The geology of the site is what attracted me to this location first. This boulder is VERY old as it was embedded in the sandstone layers surrounding it. This streambed is not the usual jumble of boulders which have tumbled down off the mountains, this is old rock, laid down long ago... and yet, this boulder is there ... how truly ancient it must be !
All this thoughtful introspection called for a little Faerie spot to sit and I made this twiggy gazebo. There is a leaf-line bridge heading out from the shore for those who wish to walk to the spot- lightly, of course !

I loved this location and may return again next year, but it is a difficult spot for photographs as it is in a deep ravine with little sunlight able to filter in.... still, a worthwhile place to get to know a little better !

A few more gleanings from last year's work will be posted here shortly... but in the next day or two I am going to have 2 announcements to make so stay tuned !


Soy said...

I love that faery house! The colors, the materials, the structure, the roof and that moss inside! And the small leaf bridge! Well done... Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I was like a child in the fairy forest. I giggled and awed with delight. Thank you

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