Thursday, January 8, 2009

NEW CALENDAR now released !!!!

I am VERY pleased to announce the release of my latest calendar, the 2009 Eartherials calendar with new images from sculptures created last year.

The last Eartherials calendar had just one image per month and a detailed description to go with each image. This year, there were simply too many good images to choose from. I hated to cut the list any shorter, so I put two images on each month page and made the descriptions very brief.

For my loyal blog fans, I am offering a special pricing and access deal. For the moment, the calendar can only be accessed by the special link at the top of the pink box to the right.
This special pricing and access is in effect for the just next week, till January, 15th. After that, the page will go public and the price will increase. This is a special offer for my blog readers and newsletter subscribers. If you order 5 or more calendars, the price drops to $14.70 each.

When you go to the web page, please give it a minute as the website is loading a full preview of the entire calendar for you to see. PLEASE note, the last page (December's) preview is just terrible... but this is not the case for the actual calendar. I just received my proofs and they look fine, the preview however looks fuzzy and out of focus.

I'm really pleased with this calendar and hope you will be too. When you go to the link above, you can also, if you wish, order calendars for friend and have them shipped directly to them. Just make separate orders and Lulu can print the calendar and ship it where ever you like. If you want to ship overseas, it might be better for US buyers to purchase the calendar here and ship it themselves... I'm not sure Lulu can ship calendars Internationally.

*** If you happen to be an overseas customer and would like to purchase these calendars and cannot, please contact me directly and I will work with you to make sure you get some ***

My other announcement will come this week-end.

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