Thursday, February 19, 2009

Faerie Forest houses for flower show pt 2

I'm having so much fun creating little fantasy Faerie Houses for the Flower show ! Here are some more little detail images... can't give away the whole design, but little peeks behind the scenes seem like a good reprieve from the doldrums of mid-winter.

Yes, I am having to use some substitute greenery... after all, the venue is one celebrating the greening of our landscape, so the designs cannot all be bark and bare twigs.... there must be COLOUR !!! Some purists may be disappointed that I've chosen to use some silk leaves, but it simply is not possible to build these structures and MOVE them to another state and do it with live plants ! So for those who have an issue with the use of non-living materials at a flower show, please make sure to give my Faerie Forest display a miss !!

For everyone else, PLEASE do stop by !!! ;-)

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