Monday, February 16, 2009

Faerie House peek for VT FLower Show

Ok... I'll admit it ... this is probably going to make some people a little upset with me. First of all, I'm not showing you the whole sculpture/Faerie house. Secondly, I'm using (gasp) ribbons and silk leaves !! (the flower is a real dried flower kindly given to me by my neighbour who grows lovely strawflowers and other goodies in her organic garden).
So what am I doing here? well, I've been working non-stop for over a month now preparing for the VT. Flower Show that is happening in early March, and I thought that it might be fun to share a few teaser photos from some of the work I've been doing. I can't show any of the entire houses as that would spoil the surprise... so over the next few days I'll try to share a few close-up shots and maybe some descriptive details.
I will say that this house has probably the best roof I've made yet... the lines of this house were inspired by an icicle structure I made last year...but this one is made of twigs, bark, moss and yes.. ribbons and silk flowers. I just had to work in a little extra fun and colour.

The show is called "Child's Play" so I feel I can go a bit more festive and relax and have some fun with these sculptures. Here is the poster for the show... yes, I am very pleased to say that they are using one of my houses as the featured art work !! This is going to be a very big opportunity for me, so I may not be posting as often in the next 2 weeks... but I'll do my best. I will also post lots of photos from the show when it is completed for those views who will be unable to attend.

I hope you can come !!

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