Friday, April 17, 2009

Red Twig Orb

This is one of those sculptures that looked so interesting in-person but was terribly difficult to photograph.

The twigs are a native dogwood variety that has very red bark. It likes living near water. Like willow, it is very flexible when it is living, even in its dormant state. I had noticed this particular bush a few days earlier as it had especially bright branches. I trimmed some from here and another nearby bush and made an orb from the trimmings. This piece is about 12 inches high.

Spring comes slowly to this part of the country and even though the days can be warm, the nights will still be cold... which I was counting on for this effect. The waves splashed up during the night and coated the lower half of the sculpture with water which froze to ice. I got down to the lake fairly early but the day was already warming up quickly and after I took the series of photos, nearly all of the ice fell off.

I have one final ice piece for my fans and it will be worth the wait... I made it today up in the mountains... I'll go back tomorrow to see if it is any better in morning light... but I've already got some good shots.

Stay tuned !

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