Monday, May 11, 2009

Offering for the Full Moon

Last weekend was the full moon... could you feel it?

It had been rather rainy here so I was not even sure if I could get out and make something for the moon... but by late in the afternoon on Friday it was starting to clear.

I went down to the lake with some flowers that my neighbor had allowed me to cut from her ample gardens. I made a ring of willow and dogwood twigs and figured out a way to have the edge of the ring just touch the edge of the water. I wanted to create a visual infinity symbol, if possible. The wind kept blowing on the circle and I could not figure out how to stop it from getting blown over... I asked for some help in resolving the problem... and after about 20 minutes of trying different "fixes", Nature herself provided the solution... the wind died down.

This piece was made as an offering to the tides and emotional turbulence we all sometimes feel. It is a reminder that we are being held in a circle of perfection, even if we don't feel it all the time. It is also a gift of gratitude. Each flower on the wheel has a symbolic meaning for me. And it was meant to honor and release various emotional challenges and obligations I was wanting to have transformed. The cloud came drifting gently over the bay and seemed to hang over the circle for a rather long time... then it just dissolved rather than moving on as all the other clouds had been doing. Very mysterious. It felt like a blessing.

Making art that has a spiritual component, a gift offering of gratitude is a wonderful way to connect with Nature. I recommend it for anyone who is feeling a bit cut off from life or parts of their life and wanting to re-connect.

Go make some art out in nature... stay focused during the process, let it have meaning for you... let it go. You might be surprised at how different you feel afterwards !

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