Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Gazebo

We have had a lot of wind and rain lately so it has not been possible to build outside this past week. I have pulled up an image from last year's work. A delicate little gazebo overlooking my friend's garden.

I created the framework for this piece out of slender willow branches, they are such fun to weave and work. The garden was so full of fragrant flowers that adding them to the structure was a most pleasant task!

When I built this one, I was imagining that it might be a romantic hideout for some fairies, or just a sweet retreat for a tea party. The photo does not do this piece justice... there is a problem with shooting flower structures: if you do it in bright sun, the shadows are too dark and the highlights are too bright. But if you shoot on a grey day, like this shot, everything is kind of flat and it is hard to appreciate the 3 dimensional structure of the sculpture.... so, I am needing to learn more about how to do the photography end of this better. Hopefully the winds will relax tomorrow and I can get back out in the forest... with all the rain, I'm hoping to find some better mossy places where I can work !


Anonymous said...

You seem to flame and shine with lovely grace through all matter. You are breathing holy life into the rolling mountain ranges of Adirondack and awaken deep sweet delights with your art.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Dear Matthias,

Thank you for such beautiful words. I only hope I can live up to what you say about me... you inspire me to bring my highest integrity to my art... thank you so much.

And I want to find out more about your incredible lava sculptures... for anyone who wants to see an amazing artist at work, please go see:

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