Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making a Faerie House from stone, Pt 1

Time to show how I make some of these constructions.

First, LOCATION is everything. It must be a magical place. Some place that touches you and has you feeling a bit 'enchanted' for some reason. Maybe it is the quality of the light, maybe it is the magic of the water, or perhaps some special flowers are magically arranged in the landscape. Something has to pull you in, and you have to feel the response from inside yourself... oh.. look at THAT ! is how it
usually feels inside for me.

I found this amazing pothole while walking along my favourite river one day. To me it already looked like a Faerie swimming pool. The surface of the stone had so many interesting holes and edges... I sat there for a long time to just feel into the place to see what the possibilities might be...

.... it is important to look at the site from as many angles as possible. For this site, I was limited to what I could see from the river's edge. The current was too swift to stand in and there was a dangerous rapid below this location so I had to work carefully whenever I was in the water.

I scouted along the banks of the river and noticed that far upstream there were a lot of small stones that I could work with, so I decided to come back the next day with my bucket and begin making a stone house here along the edge of the river. One thing to note- at this time of year, the water was low, which is why I had not seen this location before. This will play into what happens later.
Stay tuned... over the next several days, I will show how this construction progressed and I'll tell you about the building work and then I'll show images of the finished piece and what eventually happened.

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