Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making a Faerie House, pt 3

Now things have really progressed. This image is from two more days into the construction process. The level of the river has gone down even more and it allowed me to work from the river side of the tower, which was really nice.
At this point, I've finished making the shift between the tan stones and t
he grey ones. I have a few whitish stones which I am holding back for the final layer. You can also see the curved branches that are arching over the faerie pool, these will become the bridge to the front door. The doorway is simply and open space that will spiral in to the inside of the tower. I don't plan to put a closed door on this house.

The tower is now almost 3 ft tall. I'm very nervous because it is a lot of weight and stone, especially stone that can get wet, can slide and shift. But this seems to be holding up well. I've cleared the water out of the "pool" and am using it for a place to put my stones as I work on the front door and window areas which face the bridge which will be made with the curved twigs. It took me a long time to find a pair of twigs with the same curve in them. I've also been collecting various bits of moss and ferns which will be used in the "landscaping" once all the stonework is completed. I've also found some great sculpted stones which will work beautifully for the approach bridge. It is coming together really well and I can't wait to get back here to work on this each day.

Next up... the finished tower and grand finale !! I'll post that on Monday.

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