Monday, June 8, 2009

Making a Faerie House, Pt4

So here at last is the final construction. I was so caught up in the fun of getting to this point in the process that I forgot to take photos in between this phase and the last. But here you can see much has been done- the transition from the grey stones to the white ones in the top level is now complete. The arching bridge has been put in as well as a larger bridge with decorative stones that look a bit like gargoyles guarding the entranceway. The landscaping mosses have been put in place and a few flowers have been brought in for colour.

Here we have a view of the front entrance to the tower. There is a small patio arrival area and here you have a good view of the doorway and main window. The window alone took almost 2 hours to construct. I also have a visitor at the tower... a real live creature... can you see it?? (Hint, it is just above the window opening)

Since Faeries love gardens, it was important to make sure that in this rather spare landscape they had their own little rooftop garden. There is also a small observatory on the far side for star gazing.

The tower stood on this place for several days and a few people spotted it and came by to take their own photos. It was my most public piece ever and it was such fun to see how surprised people were to find it. I even saw a young family having a picnic next to the tower. It gave me such a warm feeling to know that it was being enjoyed by so many.

But soon these beautiful days of sparkling bliss would come to an end. A storm system came in up in the mountains and it poured for 4 days non-stop. I knew that soon all that water that fell up in the mountains would be down here as it rushed to get to the lake. I prepared myself for a big lesson in detachment.

Tomorrow... grand finale. ( I know I said I'd finish the story today, but it's Monday and we don't want to start out the week all gloomy, do we? )

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