Friday, July 10, 2009

Dancing shadows

This is Offering bowl #4... what I love most about this one are the dancing shadows and the reflections of the pink light.

The sun came pouring thru the leaves and lit up the fragrant water lily, floating gently in the bowl. I was deeply enchanted by the pink reflection on the rock and in the water.. so subtle and so fleeting. A brilliant splash of pure heart chakra colours, the pink of the flower, the green of the moss... I was mesmerized and forgot to take pictures for several minutes as I watched the pink shimmers in the water and on the damp lip of the stone bowl.

A gentle wind stirred in the tree tops far above and the shadows began to dance along the edge of the water... shadow Faeries!!!... who knew they even existed !! But they came and played and let me know that even shadows can be lovely and delightfully mysterious...if we stop seeing them through the eyes of fear. I wish I could show you how they danced along the edge.... this one photo does not do them justice!

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