Thursday, July 9, 2009

Offering bowl #3

A falling star trails down
from the sky and lands
in another bowl carved by time and water.
The blue sky, hearing the tiny splash, peeks in
and is caught too.

This is an amazing location but you cannot see the whole story in this image. I sat with the stones and listened to their stories. They told me that long ago, this cliff had been the where the river used to flow. Deep channels were carved. Offering bowls were made. Then... a great disruption happened. And the earth heaved and quivered and shook herself quite violently. A chasm opened... and now the river flows there, 10 ft below where it had once been.

After hearing the story, I went back to the falls and the river and had a second look at the stones there. Indeed... they were rough and raw compared to this face, so smooth and shapely. Yet, the river is still hard at work.. new bowls are being created now. Every spring and large rain event some scouring takes place...but I know how much stone I could polish if I sat there along this river for the rest of my days... not enough to even be noticed. So how does the river manage what I cannot? The river has Time and patience. And maybe some help from invisible Beings! ;-)

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