Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wild Lily

We have had 2 weeks of rain. Everything is damp and miserable. The frogs however are very happy. So are the lettuces and peas in my garden. But yesterday I noticed that these wild lilies are back and almost ready to bloom. This image is from a previous year, but the flowers are so grand and exotic that I hope to make something else with them this year... if it will just stop raining, then the buds can open up and I will try again!

My reason for the excursion yesterday was to check on the river... and looks for some locations. I have been building some more houses in my studio and am wanting to find some good locations for photography. All the rivers are so high and raging right now and all the places I thought I could use for a shooting location are now too dramatic and fierce for the structures I have created, so I was looking for alternatives. The moss is exceptionally beautiful every where now in the forest, but with the cloud cover so thick, it is not good for taking photos... so I had a lovely day exploring and dreaming and finding lots of inspiration for some new creations..once the rain stops! I'm also looking forward to visiting my secret mushroom location to see if the Chantarelles are up yet... yummie!!

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