Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've titled this post "Synergy" because this house is the result of such a process. Recently a friend encouraged/invited me into a whole new appreciation of design. I found a new sense of inspiration from the discussions and felt 'charged' with a new enthusiasm for my work... and I felt challenged.

What would happen if I pushed myself further than I'm used to going, I wondered. I let the energy of the experience guide me.

I found this magical location with the bellflowers going up a beautiful cliff of reddish stone.. They were nodding... (in the rain) when I found them just a few days ago. But I picked one stalk and brought it home and studied the flower shape. What house would be the perfect companion to such beauty, I wondered?? I let the spirits show me the way and I went to work. I drew a design... then another. I liked it. How could I possibly make it? I had no idea. I had entered new territory so I asked for guidance. Slowly, I started building... soon I could see how to make the roof curves, the swirls and curls... I worked non-stop for 8 hours...and the first part was finished. But it needed more magic.

Yesterday I made the second little add-on room and the walkway to connect them... but it still needed something magnificant to finish it off. Thanks to the inspirations I have been receiving lately, I attempted something I've never done before... a "stained glass" window... from butterfly wings. I think the Faeries will be pleased with the result... I am.

The final blessing came this afternoon. I had just finished the window and I looked outside.. the clouds were lifting. I packed everything up and dashed up into the mountains to the cliff. It was very windy, but the place I wanted to use was a bit sheltered. I set everything up and almost as if on cue, the sun came out... for a whole 15 minutes... but it was enough. I was there and I was ready... and I got the photos I had wanted... I felt so very blessed.

Synergy works in mysterious ways. Because of the conversations about art and design and Spirit, magic happened. And I got to be taken to a whole new level of creativity beyond the edges of what I thought I could do. This was quite unexpected and I am deeply grateful for the exchange. Namaste`

The Bellflower Faeries are pretty happy too !

I am going to leave this post up all week. We are supposed to finally have a few days of clearer weather this coming week and I need to get out and take advantage of the moment. Hopefully there will be other new works to share soon. Have a great week, and please consider purchasing some of my items. It is through your support that I can keep the lights on and making more creations. Every little bit helps. Thank you.
One final note... if there are any images that you would like to have as a digital giclee print for your home, just email me... I'll make arrangements and have it made to your specifications and shipped directly to you. Just email me for more info. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

This is spectacular, Sally! You have definitely reached the next level here. I wonder if that soft, lavender glow in the lower right is a tiny flower faerie sneaking a peak at your latest creation....

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