Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Tigers of Summer

There were two Tiger Lily blossoms left in the garden. It had been a good season but unfortunately all of the blooming happened while the rains were here so I could not work with the blossoms. What to do?

Wind and clouds today were not much better, but I found a quiet location and tried to set up a little floating sculpture. The Phlox blossoms were impossible to keep stuck together for very long.. they all wanted to drift away from each other. For a very brief moment there was a rainbow halo in the clouds but it was not possible to capture it with the flowers... so the Tigers of summer are finally celebrated and let go... what a lovely way to bid farewell.

Up next: snowball in August.


Jennifer* said...

When I look at this image I see the figure of a beautiful faerie goddess with dainty little feet and hands, and whose large heart is a double dose of love opening to us all. And like all life, she teaches us about impermanence, and how we must embrace the beauty and love in each and every moment we are blessed with.

Sally, thank you for honoring your gifts and being a steward of the devic realms, allowing the flow of these energies through your hands and heart, which then ripple out to the world.

Infinite blessings to you, J*

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Jennifer *,

Your words are an inspiration to me... and buoy me up and keep me going...thank you thank you !!


Anonymous said...

Sally, I was one of the chaperones of the Girl Quest day in the forest. It was truly a magical afternoon (for the adults as well as the girls)--thanks so much--you are really inspirational and your work is simply beautiful!

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