Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snowball in August

A bit of fun... a deep green pool along the river. A ball of lacy, white flowers...a moment of time suspended.

The sun was intensely brilliant and this was exceedingly hard to photograph because of the high contrasts. The wind came up (naturally) just as I had set everything up and it kept moving the water and the piece... there was much panic as it nearly was blown over a couple of times. I knew the flowers would begin to wilt in just a few minutes and I had to get my shots, but the wind was now gusting up the river. I said a little prayer to the wind spirits and Elementals and asked them if they could just go around this part of the river for a few minutes... I'd be most grateful... rather magically and with just a few flowers starting to wilt, everything settled down and I was able to capture several good images before the flowers began to curl up significantly and the magical sphere effect was lost. Thank you wind spirits for helping me to get this shot by staying OUT of the picture!!

I just want to thank all my viewers... sometime in the night we passed the magic 10,000 number... that is a lot of people passing this way... thank you one and all for continuing to visit this site. I will have some exciting news to share shortly... a new calendar is now finally available. I need to confirm just a couple of details and then I will make the announcement. Other things are brewing too... and the house making is still going on.. if we ever get more good weather, I hope to shoot a few more soon!

Have a great, relaxing week-end!

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