Monday, August 10, 2009

"So Cool"

Dear Readers,

Several days ago I returned to work on the special Faerie House that was under construction and was delighted to find that someone had taken the time to create a little art of their own... behold!

This was such a special moment. Usually I work alone and somewhat in secret... but this location is one known to certain lucky people as a great campsite...with the river close by and tall hemlocks and cedars lining the banks it is an ideal location for camping.. and Faerie Houses too due to all the fabulous roots and mossy shapes along the banks. This was the first time that someone had actually figured out a creative way to show their appreciation. It was delightful Also, I did notice that someone had added a little balsam come to a secret nook the day before... so this sculpture has had several visitors and viewings while it was being created, and I really had fun with the co-creative aspect.

I may even create an actual co-creative building site somewhere and see what happens... but for now, my focus was on this sculpture.

So for four days construction took place and it was such fun to see the structure rise up day by day.

I'm going to reveal it over the next week, bit by bit for you to enjoy... but I wanted first to thank the young campers (or Faeries, who knows!) who left me their delightful art in a manner and place where I absolutely would find it... THANK YOU !!! You made my week !!

Tomorrow : a window

come back this week and see what inspired the "So Cool" statement!

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