Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In honor of the 9's

I almost called this "The Bones of Summer".

Today much of the world was taking a pause as we meditated on the significance of 09-09-09. After some of my own reflecting and attuning , it was time to get to work. What was calling? Simplicity. What was available? Water. Leaves. Sunlight.
These leaves were a delightful surprise. They are from a very ordinary looking tree and from the outside look like any other average leaf... simple green.. growing in rough conditions without much fanfare. They are survivors managing to flourish despite a difficult environment. But oh, the back/shadow side! The hidden side of this leaf is where the true beauty can be found...downy soft and a shimmery silver is what awaits the patient observer. The backs of the leaves are where all the gentleness is revealed... an elegant and refined silver all soft and welcoming. On the cheek it feels like silken down. In the water, it is impenetrable and huge beads form up. (I'm going to try and work with this feature some more in the future) but for now, the simple delight of such a luxurious surprise was perfect for this day.

I arranged the leaves in order and used their own snipped stems to hold them together. It looked astonishingly like a spinal column of some long-gone flexible water creature. When I placed the 9-spiral in the water it floated beautifully and seemed radiantly pleased to be part of this special day. I took the photos, thanked the river for it's golden presence and said good-bye to the Bones of Summer as it sailed off downstream and out of sight.

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