Monday, September 7, 2009

Green Light

In a woodland glade of wild cherry, maple and beech trees this tiny tree house seems to have been made for this spot... but that is not how it went for me. A very small creation, only about 7 inches or so, it had been created with an entirely different location in mind. But when I got there, the river had risen too high and was covering the mossy area I had picked out the previous week.

Rather than being upset about the situation, I began to explore the forest... the green light filtering down from the canopy of glittering leaves was enchanting. Soon I found a wee trail... perhaps one used by deer or other animals venturing down to the river for a drink. All of a sudden an amazing tree loaded with pure white fungi was right in front of me... there were strawberry vines all around and some were climbing up the tree...the little house had seemingly found its home.

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