Sunday, October 25, 2009


My Grandmother, a great Lady, who was 100 years + 2 months old, peacefully passed out of this world and into the next last Sunday. Today we will celebrate her life in the tiny village that has been her home for more than 45 years.

She had a most amazing life. She was born in Germany and when she was 2 years old, my Great-Grandmother and she came to this country to begin a better life. It was not always easy. She married a handsome man from Maine who was a logger,
a trailblazer (literally) and a sign maker. But what he really was in his heart, was a visionary . But he was not an easy man.

She spent many summers raising her son up on the top of a mountain in NH, as my Grandfather was the Fire Ranger for the look-out tower. They had only themselves up there... and the bears. But she managed somehow.
Later, a daughter came, and she was my Grandmother's delight. Our family were avid hikers and we also loved the water. Gram always was a great swimmer, even into her 90's. But there is one thing I remember about my grandmother more than anything else... her optimism and infectious innocence.

She loved all of nature: flowers and birds especially. Her gardens were always in a state of controlled chaos, with the flowers and veggies all crowded in together long before that was the fashion. After my Grandfather died, she lived all alone in her little house in a very small village right at the edge of the White Mountains and though her life was one of simple dignity and lots of friends and laughter, she will always be remembered as a lady who knew how to have a good time, no matter how bleak things might seem. And she loved to give and receive hugs... she was the matriarch of our family of huggers and we all learned from her the healing power of a heartfelt hug.

I will miss her greatly. But her passing was peaceful and gentle and now she is with her beloved son, my Dad.... the hug-fest must be fierce right now!

I love you Granma !!


GunDiva said...

I'm sorry that you lost your grandma, she sounds like a wonderful woman.

Erika M said...

Wow she lived her life! She sounds amazing. i'm so sorry to here she is no longer with you.

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