Saturday, October 24, 2009

The last of the series: The Stones house

The Final group of Girl Quest builders had stones and shells as the basic design elements for their house. They started with a lovely and very large Reindeer-moss covered stump. There were many angles and roots to this stump so each member of the team had a lot of opportunity for creativity.

When we visited their creation as a group we marveled at all the different nooks and decorative touches had been so thoughtfully arranged for the faeries.

On the back side were two large clam shells to catch rainwater for faerie baths.

On the front a lovely stone path let up to a tiny front door.

Also, great use was made of fall foliage leaves and the girls brought a lot of color into their design by having several leaves up above the house as well as a magical patio area created with red leaves.

There were little Faerie sleeping alcoves in several places ... some were tucked in the roots and one was right on top with a view of the stars.

Here we see the little Faerie bed with a view of the stars.... the framework was beautifully crafted with milkweed down for a silky sleep and nice leaf for a blanket. You can also see part of the red-leaf patio in this photo.

The structure was by far the largest one of the day and it was a perfect finish to our Faerie House tour. Great work, Stone House team !

Afterwords we all were ready for a snack and the next part of the workshop where we learned how to make small single houses using birch bark and leaves. Unfortunately we were a bit rushed at the end, but the girls were amazing in their ability to tackle the different design challenges together, to work really well as teams and to show such support and appreciation for what all the other teams had created.

It was a deep pleasure to work with such a lovely group of young ladies!

Thank you Girl Questors !!!!

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