Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Houses

The wee, bitty houses are all done. Photographing them has been problematic. We've had high winds and snow squalls for 2 days now. Not the best conditions to try and capture their sweetness. Here is just a sample. I hope to be able to get better shots this week-end when the winds calm down.

The houses (there are 7 of them, signed and numbered) are all made from Birch Bark as the main body of the house and all are approximately 8-10 inches without the hanging ribbon. Each has a little twig-latticed window (with silky curtains) and a decorated door with a little front step made from a tree fungus. The roofs are all different. I took the liberty this time to use some human-made embellishments... velvet ribbons and silk leaves as well as glass beads and other bits of fun stuff I normally don't use. Stay tuned for more pics soon !

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magolla said...

Actually, the embellishments work because faeries like pretty and shiny things, don't they? :-) . . . and they tend to steal them like blue jays.

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