Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good-bye summer, hello Winter

Time for one last glance back at summer. I love how this sculpture looks like it is dancing across the surface of the pond a spiraling green vortex of pure summer bliss.

But Summer is now over. We are getting our first winter storm and the snow is piling up outside, putting me into a festive mood. In fact, I'm putting the final, finishing touches on a surprise for my fans... I've made a collection of tiny, hanging Faerie houses! Each one is different and each one a real cutie.... but I have to wait till it stops snowing so I can take some photos! After that is done, and I've shared them here, they will be sold on ebay... yes, my first Faerie Houses to go on sale. My fans here will see them first, I promise. Stay tuned and as the Brits say "Watch this space"... they should be here in the next day or two. I'm just waiting for the chance to photograph them and I wanted a bit of snow for a festive back-ground. I guess the snow Faeries wanted to help out !

See you all back here in a couple of days!

PS... I just realized... as of yesterday, this blog is 2 years old ! Happy Birthday to all the Fabulous Faerie lovers out there who have stayed with me thru two years of creative expression and transformations of many kinds.... thank you for your support!

with deep gratitude to you all,
Sally, Greenspiritarts

1 comment:

geni said...

I'm so happy that two years ago,
you decided to share your creativity with us.
Your creations always make me smile.
Thank you.

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