Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year Spiraling down

What do you do when it is 5 degrees outside with a wind-chill factor of -14? Go make art of course!
The wind had been howling all night and the next day, but some clear air was finally overhead. Yes, it was cold, too cold for icework, but the shadows were full of amazing purples and blues as the sun headed lower in the sky. I found some frozen berries on a bush. They looked like glittering rubies.

So, very carefully I made one final spiral for 2009. And as I placed each berry, I thought about all the wonderful and positive blessings and all the difficult and challenging lessons of this year...and as I thanked each gift, I placed a berry on the spiral. New friends arriving, old teachers re-surfacing, certain relationships which were no longer useful- letting them go, my Grandmother's passing, friends who have passed over, the joy of my family, the discovery of new places on the river, learning how to shoot in HDR, a new calendar contract with my favourite publisher, the best creative year so far, old friends coming to visit and sharing very special times together, astonishing dreams coming true, pen pals in far away places - all of these and more went onto the spiral with each berry. This seemed a fitting way to honour the end of this year's gifts and cycles and make way for the New one coming in a few days.

May the New Year bring you all Peace, Prosperity, Joy and a new love for this precious planet we all live on and with. May you find new ways to honour and respect the intricate web of life which wraps around us all in Infinite loving ways and may that love shine in your eyes as you meet each new day grateful for the gift that it is.

Many Blessings your way.

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Jennifer Star said...

Dear Sally,

One of the biggest blessings bestowed upon me this year has been our friendship and how it has developed and deepened. Thank you so much for sharing your creative self with me and the world. Thank you for spending such loving engagement with the natural world, playing with all the lovelies there, and bringing your play to those of us who cannot or do not participate this way. Your gifts are of upmost importance, and we are all truly blessed my your giving of them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ...J*

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