Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Spirialing up

My next book is nearly done! After 4 years of sculpture work, I now have enough high quality spiral images to devote an entire book to the form... more than 60 images will grace the pages of the new book! This is a mock-up of the cover layout. I hope the final proofs will be here in a couple of weeks and then, once all is set, I'll announce the new book here. Stay tuned!!

We've had more snow here and lots of grey skies and wind. Not very good weather for creating more sculptures, but I am hopeful about the end of the week, the temperatures may be right and there might be some sun... I hope so, I've been looking forward to some ice sculpting for quite some time now but the conditions have not been favourable... perhaps that is why the book production has gone so well... ah well, silver linings hopefully !

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