Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home of the Winter Wind

Things are starting to pull together again. Computer is repaired somewhat (still have some gremlins somewhere) Last week we finally had one day of sun. Actually it was 3/4 of a day. I found a lovely little stream that had fantastic structures made by the gentle flow of water during the cold nights. I took lots of movies of the water running underneath these structures as they created the most amazing patterns. Then I got to work.
It was too warm to "weld" the ice, I could only gingerly stack the pieces one against the other and hold my breath that they would not slip or slide as I laid the next piece in place.

Then I had to wait for the sun to swing around and come through some distant trees... AH... but it was worth it!

To me, this looked like a place the Winter winds would visit and stay. Even though it was created by water it had a definite wind feeling to it.

I hope we get some more sun soon. The days are far warmer than they should be this time of year and the ice is melting fast. Still no icicles to be found, but perhaps if next week becomes cold once more we may have a few show up in time for me to make a few more creations. This winter has been a difficult one for sculpture work and decent photos. I have a few other shots of this sculpture from slightly different angles. If no sun arrives soon, I'll post those.

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