Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice moon

I seem to be into circles lately.

The winter is gone in the valley where I live. But up in the mountain shadows, it lingers. We've has a cold pool of air come down from Canada and for a few more days we have air cold enough to do some ice work. But only at night... during the day it warms up. Good only for photographing. This next week however is going to bring on a huge warm up... so this was it.. the final chance to work with the ice. This one had some amazing crystalline structures to it. I tried to find a place with no tree shadows, but this stream was running thru a thick birch forest so it was impossible to find a fully open bit of sunlight. This was a very difficult installation and just about a half a second after getting this photo, the piece was caught by a surge of water and crashed into the roaring stream... but it stayed long enough to get this shot, so I am grateful!

I've managed to make a few more of these disc sculptures and have some great photos to share...soon!

and in a few days some more announcements!!

But this week is the final push for my DVD production... the editor has been working furiously and we've got all the timing exactly where it needs to be for the whole movie/slideshow portion of the project. We've just added the background information and other bonus features. Now he is doing the editing that makes the whole thing into a DVD. It is VERY exciting to be nearing the finish line!!! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

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