Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blue Moonglow

Since the days are too warm now for working with ice, no more ice castles are possible for this season... something I regret very much because I had found a beautiful collection of fabulous shapes of ice hidden under the edges of the river. But they are gone now with the incredible heat wave that has hit us.

A few nights ago however, I had the
chance to be up on Cascade lake in the light of the Full moon and had this piece set up to hopefully take some photos. I am pleased with the result, but the triangular glow was not intentional. I had to create a windbreak of sorts for the candle as the wind had picked up and had already snuffed it out once. The only suitable ice I could find was a thick triangular wedge and it reflected back the light of the candle more than I wanted... still, the candle did not go out again so it was worth it.

Earlier that same day there had been a very magical double halo around the sun. I only saw it once the sun had dipped below the ridge.... this photo does not do it justice. I can't remember ever seeing a double halo around the sun before. All in all a magical day indeed!!

Here is the double halo image:


Anna said...

SO beautiful. And I noticed that the shapes in each picture kind of complemented each other. Moonglow, sun rings... cool.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thanks Anna,

I'm so glad you noticed that! It struck me too the day it all happened. It was also very close to the full moon, so that solar-lunar connection was very strong energetically that day. Thanks for your comment(s)!


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