Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Gratitude

The second big gift of the day came a little later on by way of a phone call. I was told that one of my images, this one, had been selected to win the Cover Art competition for the Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks. This is a huge honor and came as quite a shock to me as I never expected to win.

The image will be used on the cover of their annual directory for the arts and will receive huge exposure as such. It will also be part of the traveling exhibition that tours extensively throughout the Adirondack region for the coming year beginning with its debut at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.
There are many amazing and beautiful works created by some exceptionally talented artists in the exhibition and it showcases the impressive range of creative expression we have here in these mountain villages and valleys.

I feel very humbled and deeply grateful just to have been chosen for this exhibition but to be chosen for the cover was beyond my wildest dreams!!

I'll tell you about item #3 in a few days... I have to get back to work! :-)

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geni said...

That is huge!

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