Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding the Faerie Heart of Winter

Last Thursday turned out to be a very special day for several reasons.

It all began in the morning. I had left out some large containers of water the night before by accident and in the morning I discovered that the night had been cold enough to make some ice. In clearing out the ice, I discovered that one container had the most wonderful, delicate crystals growing on the underside of the ice. I took a closer look and entered an enchanted realm.

These photos do not do these delicate crystals justice. I did not have a close-up lens on the camera and the temperature was warming up quickly so there was no time to get a better lens. These delicate crystals were the longest I had ever seen before, some were nearly 3 inches long!

I was completely mesmerized by the incredible beauty of this miniature landscape of crystalline structures and spires. Then the milky morning sun began to shine just a wee bit brighter and the whole tiny world began to sparkle and glitter.

As I kept moving the piece of ice around for more views, suddenly, in a flash, there it was... the Faerie Heart of Winter!

I was astonished to see this structure. I dared not even breathe lest my own breath destroy the magic before I had a chance to bring it into the camera forever. But the moment held and I was able to take several good photos of this most incredible creation that was a special gift... to you, to me.
After taking the photos, I sat and meditated with the piece and asked the Faeries of Ice what message they had in making such a beautiful sculpture and bringing me to see it... the message came thru into my mind with remarkable clarity. In voices that sounded like tinkling of ice itself I heard them say:

"We created this symbol for you to share with the world, for all who gaze upon this image will be given a gift from us, the Ice Faeries. We send you a message of hope and of delicate patience and strength. Look closely...this heart contains a hidden secret...for though it appears nearly fractured in two, in fact it is but a seed breaking open to reveal the flower of Spring. This is how we see humanity right now at this moment. Splitting open. And yes, a husk of yourselves is falling away, but something new, never seen before is also beginning to bloom. Have Faith in this process. Let yourself bloom. The World is remaking Herself and you along with it. You must work with Her, with US to become the Flower. Otherwise, you become the husk. What do you choose? "

That is the message I heard very clearly as I gazed into this tiny, perfect sculptured heart reflecting back the morning sun. Usually I would be shy about posting such a message publicly, as I am doing now, but now is not the time to hold such messages in for any reason any more. If the Faeries had gone to all the effort to make such a beautiful creation and lead me to it, and speak to me about it... then who am I to withhold their message and keep it for myself?

So that was part 1 of a most remarkable day... but as it turned out, there was another surprise and another significant moment of co-creative adventures in store for me this magical day. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 !

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Jennifer Star said...

So incredibly lovely - both the images and the message. Wow! I am deeply touched by this gift. Thank you for your courage to post it all, to trust your knowing that the ice faerie message was for everyone.

Jennifer Star

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