Sunday, April 11, 2010

Winter good-bye wave

A few days after the full moon, I was coming back from my final visit with the editor and was able to make a brief stop in the mountains and do a quick few sculptures before the sun disappeared behind a ridge. Down in a small valley, the snows were beginning to melt in earnest, but the small brook was not too strong and full for me to cross, so I did. I found a lovely whale of a mossy boulder emerging from the snow.

I felt the energy of the snows melting under the increasingly warm sun and felt the waves of heat over the snows... and waves of water, consequently now rushing down the mountain side and I knew that in a few miles this water would be entering the large lake that straddles VT and NY which also had waves upon its surface. So it seemed appropriate to celebrate these waves of energies with three semi-spirals on the rock.

The design felt also strongly connected to the Maori patterns I had learned about when I had the great honour of visiting New Zealand several years ago. So I had fun, made the sculpture and then had to wait for the sun to clear the clouds before taking a few quick photos. It was surprisingly delightful to see the "waves" rising up from the river and splashing onto the rock. As I returned across the stream and headed back to my car, I snapped one final parting shot, thru the trees. I like the look of this, from a distance, almost as if it grew there all by itself.

It was visible from the road, I discovered later... I wonder how many people saw it... if any?

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Ken said...

Nice work Sally. I'm glad to see that all is going well with you up there.

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