Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field of Dreams (or, how sometimes things don't work the way we hope)

The last 2 weeks of May brought a spectacular display of dandelions in our area. Some may not appreciate these little air-heads, but in the right light they are very magical and inspirational for someone like me.

I had been keeping my eye on a small section that was close to my house waiting for the right conditions... I needed a very calm wind to do what I had wanted to try. Everyday was slightly breezy and I would try to do my sculpture but the wind would tear apart the seed heads before I got too far. It was discouraging. Finally, one afternoon the wind dropped. I was so excited. I gathered up my tools and went down to the field and got to work. It was very slow going (it always is working with dandipuffs). And by the time I had most of the structure in place I saw the clouds on the horizon... not good... for what brings these fluffy globes alive is the sunlight sparkling through them. I knew that the shooting of the photographs was going to not be as good as I had hoped.... but I had just invested 4 hours in trying to make the sculpture, so I had to finish it and see if I could get it done and photographed before the sun was gone completely behind the clouds.

I JUST made it ! I was able to take approximately 4 good shots and then the light was gone. Working with the Dandipuffs is very rewarding when it works.... and very frustrating when it doesn't!
Later that night a huge storm blew in and ALL the seed heads were blown away. That was the end of the Field of Dreams. I'll have to wait for next year to work with them again.

While on the subject of dreaming... I want to share a poem that was recently sent to me by my dear friend Jennifer. It was a much needed boost. I hope you enjoy it too.

"What If"

What if the world contained nothing but artists
Makers of music, spinners of yarns.
Weavers of stories, some dancers and singers
All lovers of self and of life.

Faces that smile with grace and with beauty.
Arms that reach out to help and to give.
Believers in self and assured of tomorrow.
What a joyful dream to live.

Feed not the thoughts that restrict and destroy.
The world of tomorrow sleeps in our heart.
Sing me a song from the heart of the singer
And I'll answer with mine before I depart.

Erv Malliet


Bonnie K said...

What a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it.

And I love how it blends with your story of the dandipuffs. It's all about hope and perseverance and following one's heart - not perfectionism, but rather doing our best with what is given us to birth what is to be in THIS moment.

And thanks for sharing one of your 4 good shots...I like it!

geni said...

Oh Sally!
Dandipuffs have ALWAYS been one of my favorite 'flowers'!
I LOVE the little air heads..what a great name for them :)
A field full of dandipuffs against the sun is a sight that does my heart good. I have never understood why everyone doesn't love them. They're so cheerful and full of good wishes!

Both your dandipuff photos are beautiful, and the sculpture is amazing!! Your hard work and patience really paid off.

Thank you for sharing it with us!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Hi Bonnie and feni,

Awwww... you gals are so sweeeet !!!

Yes, I LOVE the Dandies... and the look of golden sunlight glittering in their puffs. Have you ever looked really, really closely at the seed heads in sunlight? It's a bit like a spider's web, with all rainbow colours hidden in the structure. Something about the way the fine hairs on the puffs act like miniature prisms. VERY cool...take a look next time you get the chance. Sometimes it is harder to see with the human eye, but if you take a digital photo, and boost the saturation, just a we bit, you'll see it. But fresh Dandies in sun that is at an angle usually show the effect pretty well.

Bonnie K said...

You are so right Sally about the web-like, prism-like structure in the dandipuffs. It's all part of the language and structure of the universe: sacred geometry.

I believe that if one looks very very very closely at all things in nature you will find similar patterns.

Nature is amazing!!!!!

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